Designed for breastfeeding babies, this Eco-friendly nipple dummy is an absolute must have.

The Nipple dummy has proven to be successful in 8 out of 10 breastfeeding babies.

This dummy has been designed for you and your baby’s needs, acting as a comforter when baby is teething, in need of soothing of to allow mum a break and act as a alternative option for the Boob when your having a night off.

The clever design features 

Made from eco-friendly silicone.

lovely to touch and easy for your little one to recognise.

large handle design acts as a teething tool and also gives your little one a better grip.

The nipple tip dummy teet is closer to natures female deigns are familiar shape to breastfeeding babies.

Our baby range is supported by nursing mothers and supported by our wonderful maternity nurse Carley Dee.


She is a fantastic midwife and knows everything there is to know about babies 



X 3 Eco- Friendly Nipple Dummy Teething Ring