What does Frosteewhite Activated Charcoal do?

Activated charcoal is a highly absorbent substance used widely in the medical field for its natural ability to absorb and remove toxins. Studies now prove that activated charcoal is especially beneficial when used to clean teeth for these 3 reasons:

  • Removes toxins and deep extrinsic staining from the tooth structure revealing a healthier, bright white smile.
  • Helps to prevent bad breath, gum disease and cavities
  • Sourced organically and fluoride free

Activated charcoal powder has amazing oral hygiene benefits by changes the PH balance in the mouth proving effective in preventing cavities by destroying the bad bacteria present in tooth decay and gingivitis, fluoride free and sourced from organic coconuts.

How do I use Frosteewhite?

Frosteewhite should be used once daily, place toothpaste on toothbrush and wet as normal. Carefully dip a toothbrush into the pot of activated charcoal powder. Gently brush all surfaces of the teeth structure thoroughly for 3-5 minutes (The more stubborn the staining the longer you should keep the product on the teeth for). Rinse thoroughly after use.

WARNING -Take care not to spill activated charcoal onto other surfaces or clothing when in use, whilst its works wonders in your mouth it can cause staining on surfaces and clothing so please take care when using and keep out of reach of children.

What comes with my Frosteewhite order?

Each pot of Frosteewhite Activated charcoal contains 30g of pure activated charcoal sourced from organic coconut. We recommend using it once a day until desired results are achieved.  

How often should I use Frosteewhite AC?

Depending on diets and habits and the result you hoping to achieve everybody mouth is individual and different! We recommend using daily until results are achieved and 1-2 a week of maintenance. Frosteewhite activated charcoal powder is non-abrasive, safe to use daily with no damaging effects to enamel or tooth structure.

When is the best time to use Frosteewhite?

Frosteewhite can be used at any point in the day but we feel the best time to include it would be the same time you’re carrying out your normal oral hygiene routine. To maximum results please note, flossing your teeth is essential to keep, gums, bone levels and teeth healthy, something is better than nothing, what you do for yourself on a day to day basis is far more valuable than seeing a dentist or hygienist once in a blue moon.

How much does Frosteewhite cost?

As for pricing, Frosteewhite Activated Charcoal starts at £9.99 for a 30g pot which lasts on average 3-6months. All prices are shown on every product page.

Is Activated Charcoal safe during pregnant/breastfeeding?

Yes, activated Charcoal is completely safe for pregnant and breast feeding mums. The body does not digest charcoal and therefore the substance does not collect in your bloodstream. Activated charcoal helps to detoxify your body and get rid of the unwanted toxins. It is essential to eliminate the harmful toxins from the body to promote healthy a digestive system. Higher exposure to toxins initiates cellular damage, allergic reactions and reduced immunity. Activated charcoal consumption during pregnancy can keep the body energized and elevates your mood.

Are Frosteewhite products gluten free?

Yes! All Frosteewhite products are gluten free.

Have Frosteeewhite products been tested on animals?

Frosteewhite is against animal testing all product has gone through human clinical trials.

How old do I have to be?

Frosteewhite activated charcoal is completely organic and can be used from as early 6 years this is when the first adult molars are about to erupt and when a good oral hygiene routine should start, we would recommend supervision for any person under the age of 12 years.

What if I put the incorrect Shipping Address?

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Do you deliver to PO Box Addresses? 

Unfortunately, we do not deliver to PO Box addresses.

What if nobody is in when my order is being delivered?

Our courier will update you via email when your order is being delivered. Please frequently check your emails from our courier for instructions and information. Please ensure somebody is in to receive the delivery. Our delivery driver may try to deliver your item up to 2 times, if nobody is in then it may be returned to our warehouse and you will be charged for the delivery of this.

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