2x Putty Base
2x Putty Catalyst 
Please note- Trays not included 

User Instructions:

1- Open the set of putty, both white (Base) and colour (Catalyst).

2- Ensure that your hands are clean to prevent dust or dirt from contaminating the putty.

3- Use fingers to mix both catalyst and base until you have a uniform colour within 30s

4- Roll into the shape of tray and apply it to the tray and spread evenly into the upper / Lower tray.

Make sure it is filled from edge to edge. 

5- Place the tray over the centre of teeth and press gently until you feel the putty mix surrounded the teeth and upper part of the gum

6- Let it rest for approximately 2-3 minutes

7- Pull down (in case upper teeth) or up in case of lower teeth to release the impression.

8- Repeat the procedure for the other jaw impression.


  • Protect against moisture and keep in dry / store at room temperature 18-25°
X 2 Putty Mix Material - For Dental Impression