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Face Lotion with AHA (lactic acid 3% & glycolic acid 2%)
ACTION: Regulatory cleansing lotion with 5% AHA. It deeply cleanses the skin, offers gentle exfoliation, revitalising and brightening to the face with Peony extract. At the same time, it regulates the skin’s pH for deeper and faster penetration of the active ingredients in the cosmetics used in subsequent treatments.

USE: Apply a small amount to the entire face using a cotton pad.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: Avoid in cases of AHA sensitivity and during pregnancy.

CAUTION: Do not use when out in the sun & always wear SPF.

DOSAGE: 1ml/application

AHA fruit acids (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) are used to achieve a smooth, radiant skin, to soften wrinkles and to tackle moisture deficiency, pigmentation spots and sagging. They have a peeling effect and loosen stuck dead skin cells. Here you will find more information about AHAs.

3% Lactic acid and 2% Glycolic acid ensure the regulating pH value of your skin.

The lotion also contains extracts of Peony and Hamamelis

Hamamelis kills the bacteria that live in the pores of the skin and has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Hamamelis is very popular as a natural product to combat acne!

The Bisabolol and Allantoin present also have these properties and are also used for wound healing. Allantoin helps the skin retain moisture better by softening the keratin in the skin. It makes the skin more moist, softer and supple.

In short, 3 blissful natural products that give your skin a smooth, soft and young appearance!

In addition, the extracts of peony also provide a delicious and soft fresh scent!


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