Oral B compatible, Eco-friendly replacement toothbrush heads x 2

Electric toothbrushes are known to remove 100% more plaque then a manual toothbrush, but there are very few eco-friendly options available for those who love to brush with an electric but would love to  help protect our planet at the same.

We are very pleased to announce our latest product, 100% recyclable replacement toothbrush heads.

• Offering outstanding performance at removal of plaque & build up.
• Charcoal bristles absorbs negative toxins promoting the healthiest teeth and gums.  
• Cost effective, environmentally friendly Bamboo & charcoal infused replacement heads.

Help save our planet and make the change.

We would always recommend using an Oral B 3000 model or up, this model is part of the profession range with all the important features.

Replace heads more frequently, every 6-8 weeks on average, due to there high perform the bristles can wear fastest then manual ensure your replacing your head as & when needed.


Eco-Friendly Bamboo & Charcoal Replacement Toothbrush Head