Pro Dental Mixed Pack (x1) 22% (x1) 35% (x1) Hydrate Gel 3ml
Pro Dental Mixed Pack (x1) 22% (x1) 35% (x1) Hydrate Gel 3ml
Pro Dental Mixed Pack (x1) 22% (x1) 35% (x1) Hydrate Gel 3ml
Pro Dental Mixed Pack (x1) 22% (x1) 35% (x1) Hydrate Gel 3ml

Pro Dental Mixed Pack (x1) 22% (x1) 35% (x1) Hydrate Gel 3ml

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This whitening pack is ideal for non-sensitive teeth or top up gel for where previous tolerance has been built. This pack contain one middle strength 22% one higher strength 35% (PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY) Carbamide gel and one Hydrate gel. 3ml.

22% Carbamide Peroxide 3ml whitening formula, designed for normal/ previous whitened teeth. Safe and effective with added desensitisers.

35% Carbamide Peroxide 3ml whitening formula, designed for teeth with no reported problems. Safe and effective with added desensitizers. (In-office use only)

Product Info

- Hydrogen peroxide is the active ingredient of carbamide peroxide, which is one of the most widely used bleaching agent used by dentist worldwide in removing discolorations and extrinsic staining from the enamel and dentin of teeth.

- The peroxide component contained in the teeth whitening formula breaks down into oxygen and hydrogen which further helps in removing the pigmented components from your teeth using carbamide peroxide as the only active bleaching agent.

- The oxidizing agent is a common component in almost every effective teeth whitening system and carrying out a 2 week course of 22% Carbamide peroxide is the has the equivalent effect of 1 can of diet coke in terms of the effect on the enamel, studies have proven that the mineral content of the tooth is least affected by this formula.

- The increasing popularity of carbamide peroxide based teeth whitening systems is due to its gentle effects on your teeth and the enamel particularly. Some teeth whitening products are harsh and they can also damage your tooth enamel/structure always consult a dental professional for treatment.

For larger bulk Orders further discounts will apply, please Contact Us.

Frosteewhite Hydrate gel is ideal for anyone who suffers from sensitivity this formula works by replenishing lost minerals within the tooth structure.

Hydrate gel can be placed into whitening shields straight after whitening treatment for 15mins-8hours for a replenishing tooth treatment.

Dehydration is a side affect that can be caused from teeth whitening, our hydrate gel works wonders in offering instant relive and helps prevent future sensitivity. This is a very common issue during a whitening treatment and one that many aren’t offered a solution to, understand your smile and how to maximise your whitening results comfortably.