Upper and Lower tray -

3mm Thickness. £149.00 per set.
Serve Grinding/Clenching, Durable soft trays offering protection on Natural Teeth, Veeners and composite bonding.

Professional high quality Anti-Grinding/Bespoke custom fitting dental trays range from 1.5mm- 3mm in thickness for protection and comfort purpose important seals are fabricated into your new custom trays to 100% perfection.

Our professional custom fit trays are the best quality available. We offer a speedy service with Return postage included for more info & advice please visit @frosteewhite.

Kit contains

Upper + Lower Dental Trays

1 Pair Of Gloves

x 3 White x 3 Blue Putty

x 1 Hygiene Sheet

Video Step by-step instruction guide @frosteewhite (impressions)



User Instructions:

1- Open the set of putty, both white (Base) and colour (Catalyst).

2- Ensure that your hands are clean to prevent dust or dirt from contaminating the putty.

3- Use fingers to mix both catalyst and base until you have a uniform colour within 30s

4- Roll into the shape of tray and apply it to the tray and spread evenly into the upper / Lower tray.

Make sure it is filled from edge to edge. 

5- Place the tray over the centre of teeth and press gently until you feel the putty mix surrounded the teeth and upper part of the gum

6- Let it rest for approximately 2-3 minutes

7- Pull down (in case upper teeth) or up in case of lower teeth to release the impression.

8- Repeat the procedure for the other jaw impression.


  • Protect against moisture and keep in dry / store at room temperature 18-25°

Once received a dental technician will fabricate your new trays and return them to you within 10days. It's that easy!

The custom fit trays are manufactured to fit your mouth and are made to a professional standard.

We are not liable for distorted impression so please ensure all instructions are followed correctly and if any issues occur please contact us info@frosteewhite.com



Dental Impression Kit 3mm Custom fitting whitening/ Anti-Grinding/ Bespoke Dental Trays.