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Why Frosteewhite?

We at Frosteewhite introduce ourselves as the face and care behind teeth whitening and oral health products. Our aim is to provide insight and a deeper understanding on how to promote and achieve a healthy white smile. Our treatment is proven in successfully allowing all kinds of individuals to gain the smile they’ve always wanted.

Home whitening with Frosteewhite

Home whitening is now recognised as the safest and most successful way to achieve long lasting results.

Our syringes are carefully designed to allow controlled application while also reducing wasted product. Containing a high level of fluoride and desensitises patients are free to enjoy maximum results with minimum sensitivity.

Successful teeth whitening is based on several factors as oral health educators we at Frosteewhite understand the importance of “best practice” and care when it comes to our smile. Our system allows a deeper understanding towards understanding teeth whitening, addressing the contributing elements to guarantee safe predictable results. For more info please contact us.

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